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Relational Implicit mindful vs mindless

Relational Mindfulness & Social Interactions


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It no longer makes sense to treat what happens in the mind as separate from embodied experience, even if much of it is implicit rather than explicit.

A central tenet of this emerging model is how intertwined ‘relationality’ and embodiment are. Basically, in order to exist, all life forms need to be able to respond to the situation they’re in. This is not just the case for human beings, or for animals, but also for plants. This is why I like to this of this as ‘Sunflower Mind’.

I find it very helpful to see this process as the implicit underpinnings of how we relate:
– at the intrapersonal level, the personal experience of the relational implicit as a felt sense,
– within interpersonal relations, the shared implicit,
– at a social level: the collective implicit.

relational mindfulness

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