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Embodied Mindful Pause at the beginning of a session

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One way to use Active Pause* is to do it at the very beginning of the session.

Many therapists have some kind of a little ritual that marks the difference between ordinary time and the space that is created or co-created inside a session. In the “session space”, time is a little bit different, the quality of attention is a little bit different. Paying attention to inner experience is more important than in everyday life.

The transition is especially important as clients often rush to come to the session. They’re caught in the middle of their days. So it’s a way to mark the transition into a different space and sense of time.

So, you can use Active Pause* as that kind of ritual, from the very beginning. You do it as the very beginning of the session. You go into it by giving the client the ball, and this one-minute experience gets them into noticing what happens inside. They are taking a moment to notice the difference between the way they have been throughout their day, arriving, and getting into this different space.

* Please note that, at the time the video was made, I was referring to Embodied Mindful Pause as Active Pause.

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The above clip is part of a video made up of the following clips:

- Introduction (3 min)

- At the beginning of a session (2 min)

- As a way to interrupt automatic pilot (3 min)

- As a resource to deal with nervous system activation (4 min)

- To provide containment and structure (5 min)

- To explore embodied experience (5 min)

- To process embodied experience (3 min)

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